Site Visit Boxes

In order to situate ourselves in the Bay Area, visits to local sites were an integral part of our research practice. These field trips resulted in new information and ideas, research and aesthetic inspiration, and embodied knowledge about the local landscape and land use. Siteboxes were created to document a subset of our site visits.


8” x 8” x 1¾” birch wood painting panels
Metal nameplates and screws
Mixed media


Each sitebox was created by hand, using the following methodology:

The siteboxes are shallow boxes with wide borders, made of light-colored wood which echoes the plywood used at the disused military sites; the wood of the box will therefore be left unpainted. Each box will be labeled with the name of the site on an engraved metal label, referencing the black-and-steel, riveted labels on machinery.

Each sitebox will include images and artifacts but, in general, no text (except for incidental words or labels). These materials should document some key idea(s) that we took from the site, rather than documenting our visit or the site itself.